Maklerzentrum Schweiz AG Training and Education

Training and Education:

• Insurance intermediary VBV;
• Financial advisor IAF;
• Insurance specialist with federal diploma;
• Financial planner with federal diploma.

Maklerzentrum Schweiz AG

Competence and expertise are more in demand from customers than ever before. No amount of rhetoric can replace this. Company pension plans, private pension insurance, life insurance and private supplementary insurance – the choice of insurance and financial products is huge. Only a professional who can recommend the right product will be able to sustainably assert himself on the market. With us you learn to select the right product from the multitude of providers and to present it with the right words. The MAKLERZENTRUM SCHWEIZ AG. As an insurance consultant in the field, you need more than ever a solid foundation for your work.

MAKLERZENTRUM SCHWEIZ AG is one of the leading independent providers of training and further education in the field of insurance. Our many years of experience in the field of know-how mediation for the insurance industry will help you to further increase the quality of your consulting services and to obtain a well-founded education and further training, which will ultimately have a significant positive influence on your success. The further education measures of MAKLERZENTRUM SCHWEIZ AG are characterized by the focus on the requirements of the insurance and financial services industry and are in any case one thing: close to your practice.

Maklerzentrum Schweiz AG
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