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We are the backup of small distributors and external intermediaries.

Initially active in sales as an independent insurance broker itself, MAKLERZENTRUM SCHWEIZ AG supports over 500 independent sales partners in the implementation of their activities.

Maklerzentrum Schweiz AG
Maklerzentrum Schweiz AG

A variety of services ensure that distributors can take care of what they do best - keeping in touch with their customers. We take care of the rest. As an experienced contact partner who works with most of the well-known insurance companies, we have the necessary know-how and well-rehearsed processes to keep our sales partners' backs free.

We are committed to a high level of quality awareness. As the largest independent provider of these services and a registered member of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, MAKLERZENTRUM SCHWERIZ AG covers in the areas of administration, accounting, CRM, helpdesk, quality management and customer service precisely those areas that cannot be managed with such high quality, especially in smaller sales organizations. Over the years, the subject of training and further education has become a matter close to the heart of MAKLERZENTRUM SCHWEIZ AG. The offer of training and further education is up to date and helps our customers to increase their performance and thus their consulting competence.

MAKLERZENTRUM SCHWEIZ AG is committed to a high standard of quality. What makes us so successful are our employees. Whether in the helpdesk, in IT or in further training, as a learning company we rely on further training. For this reason, all employees have to go to school sooner or later. In all areas, we need a high level of competence, a great deal of expertise and a technical knowledge of the current state of the art. Only in this way can we be of great help to our customers, the independent insurance distributors.

Maklerzentrum Schweiz AG
Maklerzentrum Schweiz AG
More time for the essentials!

To remain independent and still keep administrative tasks under control despite a lean infrastructure - that's what all independent agents want. Increasing administrative requirements and at the same time decreasing revenues make successful business activities more difficult.

The fact is that administrative tasks such as checking applications, customer service, sending out notices or accounting take up a large part of your time. The issues are getting more and more complex and often it is not enough to employ only one person or a small team - you need a powerful force.

We can support you by, for example, taking calls for you with our competent customer service in 8 languages. We keep your back free administratively, so that you can concentrate on sales.

Maklerzentrum Schweiz AG
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